A little exploring today


This is my favorite discovery, cappuccino float!  It is 6 Yuan which is roughly 87 cents American.  Many of us tried different juice drinks and everyone raved about how great each one was.  Compared to $5 at Starbucks just WOW!



This place has chicken in many forms.  We tried chicken on a stick which was 3 Yuan, about 45 cents and so tender and juicy and delish!


Thought I had better get a photo of myself in my blog.  This is on a bridge that overlooks sort of a ravine with a lot of trees and greenery.  So much green and beautiful here but sadly a lot of litter and garbage and honestly kinda just smells a little sewage-y.  So hey Americans, quite complaining about paying sales tax.  I am guessing our country would be in the same state if the city didn’t put a garbage can on every corner and pay someone to come empty it or a person to drive a street sweeper.

Side note, there is a ton of walking!  If you are fat and out of shape you might want to work on that before coming to Jinan.  It isn’t like NYC where there is a bodega on every corner, it is at least 6 blocks to the nearest one and you have to carry back everything you buy, including cases of water.  Did I mention it was hot and humid?  Even the thin girls are complaining about their feet and legs.