My room at University of Jinan

Here is the room I share with Emily.  These bunks are as high as the top of the doorway.  I have moved mine to the floor.  Going up the ladder is one thing but I hate the going down part!  The room is built for 4 but luckily the two of us can spread out.  The beds are thin and kinda suck but we have brand new air conditioning which is a dream as it is in the 90’s outside with about 55% humidity.  The rooms have been modernized and are quite nice with western toilets, the only ones on campus I am told. Yikes!!  The up side is you sweat so much no matter how much you drink you still rarely have to use one LOL.

We have a brand new full size refrigerator and they stocked it with water and snacks for our arrival which was so terrific.  We have a microwave and an electric plate with a wok and saute pan.  Unfortunately, nothing to cook with such as knife to chop, spoon to saute/serve or plates/bowls to eat off of or chopsticks to eat with.

We were told we would have towels provided but there were none to use after showering or hand washing so we had to go purchase them.  It was brutal as we arrived after sweating in the airports and air planes and traveling for 30 hours it was 2:30 a.m. and we all just wanted to shower and sleep and had to shower and use a t-shirt to dry off with.  The plus side, the shower itself was simple but felt sooooo good!  It has been frustrating as what we were provided was way different from what we were told.  Had we known we could have simply packed towels.


These photos probably won’t be interesting for friends and family but this blog is also for future study abroad students to know what to expect.  This is our shower set up.  The bathroom is one room with two toilet stalls on one side and two shower heads on the other.



This is our little kitchen area.  Sadly there is no table and chairs or common area where we can sort of hang out and chat with each other or host our Chinese helpers.  IMG_0246