Today we Kung Fu!!

We have Chinese culture classes all week.  MWF we have Chinese language and Tue we have 1.5 hours of Kung Fu and Th we have 2.5 hours of calligraphy.  So this is Emily and I with our Kung Fu Master, who was amazing, and practicing learning the moves.  I don’t know his name as he didn’t speak a word of English but he was able to communicate quite well nonetheless.  He showed us a lot of neat defense tips and he was so fast and powerful.  When he would snap his fist out you could hear the cloth of his sleeve snap.


Here is a our entire group plus a few other international students with our Kung Fu master and the Dean of the school in the center with the black top and silver skirt. She is so sweet, she knows I am Emily’s mom and comes over to our group and tells everyone, “she is mama”, which is mother in Chinese. One of about 10 words I know lol. And the other lady says, “oh I thought they were sisters!”  Yeah!