2008 Olympic Park

This is the site of the 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing. The number 8 is now considered good in China as it represents prosperity. Thus the games were held 8-8-2008 at 8am.

The left picture shows the torch on the left and the Olympic observation park on the right.

You can see me standing in front of the entrance to the main building called the Birds Nest where the track, basketball and other competitions were held.

Here you see why it is called the Birds Nest.

Fun fact and personally my favorite part of the park: when construction on the park began they had many accidents, setbacks and even deaths. They stopped construction on the park and built a dragon across the street to watch over and protect the construction. They then resumed the Olympic park construction with no other problems. Below is that dragon:

IMG_0564It’s a set of five buildings that together all look like a giant dragon 🐉!!!  They ended up usingthe space to house the athletes I believe.  MAN I THINK THATS SO COOL!!!! 😎