The Great Wall

IMG_0531IMG_0532IMG_0534IMG_0535Beautiful mountains near the Great Wall. I just cannot describe the amazing views these mountains provided long before standing on the wall.

You can sort of get an idea here of how steep this climb is. It is very uneven with large steps and small steps and some places a ramp. Some areas are so steep it is easier to climb on all fours.

Again it is just such beautiful scenery. We were lucky to have a beautiful clear day with a lovely breeze that made it perfect. It is so hard to wrap your head around the fact that this Wall goes for miles and miles and the bricks to build it were carted in on foot and horse. Many men were sent to build it and most died doing so and were buried right in the wall.

IMG_0558This post is on the wall and says you are not a hero until you have climbed the wall. Climbing the Great Wall is considered a pilgrimage for most Chinese people.