Movie night!

Wifi at the cafe wasn’t working well and we were all starving so we all meandered over to a different sort of place on campus.  I would call it a bar but they don’t serve alcohol. It has a bar feel. Dim lights, fun mixed fruity drinks, burgers and snacks foods like chicken poppers and fries and a big projector screen. Oh and good WiFi 😎

The owner is so sweet and loves when we come, probably because we order a ton of food. He turned on the air for us and asked us which movie we would like as the one playing was Face Off and in Chinese. So we choose 007 Spectre. Sadly, I now realize I don’t know his name or the name of his place and he speaks little to no English.  I will make it a point to learn it.

Our professor, Dr Long, wandered in after a bit and joined us for the movie and ate and it was very relaxing and a fun night off/out. After the movie was over the owner asked what we wanted to watch next 😀 What a sweetheart. Sadly we had to head out.