Bring your own medicine

Obviously you will bring your own prescriptions however some members of our party have gotten colds or developed intestinal distress if some sort. We have not found anything like NyQuil, Imodium, Zantac, stool softener or even Aleve or Tylenol. We haven’t even located a Chinese equivalent.  So if you are prone to anything like that, it won’t take up much space in your bag to throw some in. Just make sure it’s in its original package. I didn’t have problems bringing any of it with me but you never know if you get a customs guy having a bad day.  So have it labeled.

Honestly I thought the food would be difficult for me to handle but I haven’t taken a Zantac the entire time I have been here. I haven’t had any other intestinal distress accept when I ate too many cherries 🍒.  To be fair I think that was a side effect of the cherries and would have happened in America as well 😂

Another thing I have noticed is you can find plenty of junk food easily enough. Lay’s potato chips, chips ahoy 🍪 cookies, Oreos, coke, sprite, chocolate, muffins etc. My point is if you are afraid of the food and live on the processed American crap, you will also have distress of some sort.

Lastly, most of our party complaining of distress are drinking the beer and alcohol 🍺. Like several per night. I have really enjoyed the food with no alcohol and no distress. You do the math.