You do not have a washer in your dorm as promised. We did find a laundry room in the building next to us.

IMG_0805These machines are small so don’t allow for a big load.

IMG_0807Of the three washing machines (on the right, the other two are dryers) only one was coin operated. The others use money from your WeChat wallet which we did not have access to. Sometimes you can find another student and give them money to purchase the wash using their WeChat so you can do more than one load. The dryers are free but don’t really work. They are warm wet when finished so they don’t dry as stiffly is about the only reason to use them.  Most people just line dry on their balcony.  This is common:

IMG_0802However for this you will need hangars and clothes pins which you will need to bring or buy when you get soap.