Missing things in our dorm

We were told we would have towels and bedding when we arrived. We had bedding but no towels. This was our mattress:



But the bedding was very nice as was the pillow.

We had all been traveling for 20 hours and when we arrived it was 90 degrees and all we wanted to do was shower and sleep. Since we had no towels we had to dry off with our t-shirts. This would not have been an issue had we simply been told to bring our own towels.  We also needed to buy hand towels for drying off after restroom washing or dish washing.

We didn’t have any mirrors, not a one.

We have a very limited supply of plug-ins.


As you can see they will take the American style of two flat prong or European style of two round prong in the top section.  European style used in China:


You will still need adapters and converters. Your laptop probably has a three prong for which you will need an adapter.  Here is what I used:

We just don’t have enough for 5 people’s cell phones, laptops, cameras, blow dryers and possibly iPads or Kindles.  The best thing I brought with was an extension cord. We still had to buy a power strip since each plug-in only has one we could use. The strip purchased here allowed us to use the different three prong on the bottom. They are inexpensive here and easy to find so purchasing more was easy. If you are here for a short period it may be easier to order it and bring from home.


You will need a power converter(not adapter) for heating devices such as blow dryers and curling irons. They will still work weird, but they do work and the 220v from the wall won’t damage them as they are only built for 110.

As mentioned previously you will need to buy your own toilet paper as well as any cleaning supplies and sponges you will need besides a mop.