So hot and so many steps

It has been so hot during our entire stay. In the mid to upper 90’s nearly every day. The humidity is typically 50% or greater. If it rains the next few days will be very high humidity. It has started to make us crabby. Sometimes you just feel like you are nauseous. There is rarely a breeze if so not much of one.

The up side to this is you can carry an umbrella so you have portable shade! Can’t do that on the plains on most days!  Most ladies carry them even while riding bikes and scooters some men do as well but not as prevalent. However, not your typical city black or your southern lace umbrella but fun and flowery.

IMG_0914Except the men of course, they opt for a lighter, solid shade of blue, green or gray.  Dark colors are poor as they attract the heat, of course, and the idea is to stay cool. Upside is they work well when it starts to rain, ☔️ make the investment.



So steps…their buildings are tall and mostly likely will not have an elevator. Our dorm is on the third floor. Both of our classes are on the third floor of two different buildings. You will be walking from building to dorm to food to store, everywhere, in the heat. Dress cool, drink lots of water and bring your umbrella.