Beautiful mount Tai

Sunday we took a bus out of Jinan to the city of Tia’an, home to the mountain Tai. Mount Tai is far from the largest mountain with an elevation of only 5045 feet but is the most sacred. Most Emperors climbed mount Tai to the temple high on top to pray for peace and prosperity for their nation.

We took our bus to the bottom then you buy a ticket for another bus, the driver of which has a serious death wish and enjoys driving to the sound of screaming passengers, that takes you to about the halfway point. (The bus ride down was a different driver but same criteria so I am guessing it’s a job qualification.)

Then you take the tram to the top. This is scary simply cause you are dangling 5000 feet over rock and trees but was gorgeous nonetheless. Here are about a zillion pics because I thought it was so beautiful!

IMG_0737A lot of the top was sadly very tourist-y.


img_0762.jpgOn the 5 yuan bill is Mt Tai on the left. Not the largest but definitely the most sacred.

Beautiful night

We are hiking mount Tai tomorrow so I took it easy today. It rained a lot and was hot and humid. I stayed in the air conditioning and painted my nails, ate leftovers and read my book but mostly rested my legs. So much walking every day!

It is about 7:30 now, the sun has set, the rain has stopped and it is a cool and lovely evening in Jinan.  I wandered out to get a bit of movement and some dinner.  The streets are clear of traffic, probably due to the rain, but it gave me a quiet and unhurried walk around campus.

Note: The street food here is really terrific and super inexpensive so it will stretch your money but you have to go much further after 7:30pm to find them.